Wellness Monitoring

Wellness monitoring helps coaches and trainers to know how each athlete is responding to your training programme. Monitor your athletes sleep, fatigue, and readiness and check who is available for training!


Log Training Data
and Session Details

By logging training session details and athletes’ reported training intensity (RPE), coaches can stay on top of athlete’s load. Acute to Chronic Workload ratio used by the pros can be also used at any level to get an extra edge. Axiom will guide you in the effective use of these metrics on a daily basis.


Medical and Injury

Effective training load management reduces the risk of injuries. But when they do occur, Axiom-AMS helps you to keep track of medical notes and speed up the return-to-play process.

Athlete Hub

360° degree athlete
hub to explore data

See how individual athletes are progressing in a single integrated profile on the web. Athletes also have access to their athlete hub, so they can see their data come to life and strive for optimal performance.


Best practice athlete
and team reporting

The key to using data effectively is great data visualisation. Enjoy a variety of dashboard views that turn the data into actionable insights to optimize training and coaching outcomes for your athletes.


See how your
athletes compare

Track your athletes against their peers and predefined benchmarks in real-time. Over time the Axiom project will build a repository of performance benchmarking data to compare your athletes.