Identifying, Monitoring & Minimizing Stressors in Collegiate Athletes

Associate Strength and Conditioning Coach at the United States Military Academy at West Point, Scott Hobbs has a wealth of experience working with and training collegiate athletes.

Scott gave a fantastic talk at the Fusion Sport Human Performance Summit in Toronto exploring a holistic approach to athlete management in collegiate athletes. Scott shares his insights into athlete management and stressors specific to college athletes within a military setting, and looks at how an Athlete Management System has become increasingly relevant as a tool to flag and get ahead of mental health issues.

We highly recommend this talk for all college coaches, high school coaches and those working with young athletes.

The Axiom-AMS Athlete Management Platform

In his talk, Scott refers to utilizing the Human Performance Platform Smartabase from Fusion Sport to manage youth athlete data. The Axiom-AMS platform has been built by the very same expert team, and is the start of a journey to bring a best practice sport science platform to the wider market.

We’re making it simple and easy to optimize performance and reduce injuries at any sporting level.

If you’re interested in adopting an Athlete Management System for your team we’re currently offering free 30 day trials of the Axiom-AMS platform.