How to Effectively Implement an Athlete Management System

Coaches and athletes are continually looking for ways to get that extra edge and leave nothing to chance. That is where athlete monitoring comes into play, and the best way to monitor your athletes is using an Athlete Management System (AMS).

But just like all new technology and processes, using an AMS is only going to succeed if adopted by all and used properly. Having your athletes commit to entering in their daily wellness is essential!

To assist you in the process of implementing the Axiom-AMS to manage training and wellness, our team have put together our best practice method for getting your athletes on board.


Step 1: Let your Athletes know why you are introducing an Athlete Monitoring System

If a coach can keep track of all the metrics that play a part in the build up to competition day they can in turn ensure the best possible performance.

If a coach can keep track of how an athlete is reacting to training programs, sleep pattern and quality, mood and stress levels then they can make decisions based on that information.

To get your athletes on board, you will need to clearly explain what an athlete management system is, and outline the benefits to show them that measuring and monitoring their day to day wellness is essential to driving performance.


Step 2: Help them understand that Athlete Management Systems are a great tool at every level of sport

Athlete Management Systems are mostly used by elite sporting institutes, professional sporting clubs, the military and elite performing arts companies. But an AMS does not have to be limited to the pros.

The wider sporting community can benefit greatly from athlete monitoring and there is so much sports science research and knowledge from the elite sector that can easily be transferred to any level of sport.

The team at Fusion Sport have built highly customized AMS solutions for over 40 sports in over 35 countries including the Australian Institute of Sport, pro teams like the San Antonio Spurs, Dallas Cowboys and Buffalo Sabres in the US, over half of the professional sporting teams in Australia, a wide variety of Olympic sporting organisations like US Ski and Snowboard Association and leading performing arts companies like The Royal Ballet, London.

Through this time, we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t.

We’ve learned that even the most elite and high-powered sports science programs often gain the most benefit form the simple things done well.


Step 3: Let your athletes know what’s in it for them

Athlete Management Systems are fast becoming the norm for elite sporting teams, olympic teams, professional athletes and even the military. Getting your athletes used to logging their daily wellness and engaged in the results will help them get into good habits for their future.

Being disciplined with this now will help them progress in their career ahead!

But perhaps the most important aspect for athletes is enabling coaches and trainers to get a holistic view of their health in order to improve performance.

They may not be sleeping well and it is effecting performance – now that you know, you can help. They may be training too hard in a certain area and increasing their injury risk – now that you know, you can help. They may be stressed in other areas of their life which is effecting them at training – now that you know, you can help.

Spot trends, flag issues and pinpoint the area of concern. 


Step 4: Help get them started

Get your athletes together and commit, as a team, to the athlete management system. This is perhaps the most important part of all!

Log them in and show them how to use it. Ensure everyone can walk away from that meeting and begin to use the AMS app, enagaged in their own results and interested in what the data can tell them.

Athletes in one particular Olympic team are required to log their wellness before they arrive at training in the morning, and the coach can identify if it has been done – no wellness report, no training.

Nobody wants to let the team down, and compliance is at 83%.


Step 5: Make it easy!

Athlete engagement in daily monitoring is a universal challenge, but there are ways to make the process as easy as possible.

Youth athletes in particular all have at least one thing in common – they will always have their mobile phone close at hand. The Axiom-AMS is best used on mobile, with an app that is quickly and easily downloaded from the app store or google play.

Athletes can set up alerts to remind them to log daily wellness (as soon as they wake up!) and training. It only takes 5 minutes or less and they can do it all from their mobile.


Step 6: Trial Axiom-AMS for 30 days and see what you think!

If your athletes are aiming to go pro they will know what to expect when committing to elite competition, and the commitment and dedication required across all aspects of their life.

The Axiom-AMS athlete management system has been developed by Fusion Sport, based on industry leading technology used by the pros.

This is your chance to stand on the shoulders of giants, and take your athletes to the next level.